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24/7/365 Managed Extended Detection & Response
– verified by Microsoft

Our Managed XDR solutions identify and defeat the most complex threats: its holistic detection and response capabilities go above and beyond traditional endpoint detection. 

Tying seamlessly into your existing systems and protects your clients, identities, networks, cloud services, email tools, and much more. 

We are your Microsoft-verified MXDR partner: By combining SIEM, XDR based on Sentinel and Defender, we protect your systems 24/7/365. 

Managed XDR – At a Glance

Swiss IT Security offers an all-round MXDR solution:

  • 24/7 monitoring, detection, analysis, and prioritization of any alerts.  
  • Protects devices, networks, cloud infrastructures, and apps: 360° protection for your devices.
  • A holistic view to protect your entire IT, both locally and in the cloud. 
  • Managed Service by Swiss IT Security Group: Our experts ensure automated defensive measures and manual counteractions.
  • Microsoft-certified protection: Our combination of SIEM data sources and proactive XDR defense is Microsoft-certified, guaranteeing 24/7/365 threat defense. 

The Challenge: The Needle in the Haystack

A flood of security notifications and new threats overwhelm your IT. The challenges include:

  • Complex cyber threat landscape: With the emergence of new attack techniques, conventional endpoint solutions are overwhelmed. 
  • Gaps in security architecture: Insufficiently protected endpoints, identities, and cloud services pose a high risk to your company. 
  • Alert fatigue in yorur SOC: Threats are often overlooked due to a high volume of warnings. 
  • Lack of rapid response: Your teams are not always able to respond quickly to attacks, leading to data loss and business interruptions. 
  • Legal complexities: Strict regulations, such as TISAX, BSI, or ISO standards, force companies to upgrade their security measures. 

Managed Extended Detect & Response (MXDR) – powered by Swiss IT Security

With our Managed XDR, we provide all-around security through extended protection and response services (Extended Detect and Response). While traditional EDR (Endpoint Detect and Response) solutions are limited to individual devices, our Managed XDR focuses on the comprehensive protection of your IT. We deliver: 

360° Protection

MXDR provides all-around protection from cyberattacks across your devices, identities, email, collaboration tools, and cloud – leading to a seamless security architecture. 

Threat Intelligence & Forensics

Our cyber specialists thoroughly scrutinize threats to quickly take steps to eliminate them and determine the intentions behind the attack. 

In the event of an incident, a team of forensic experts takes care of reconstructing the attack or the point of breach to prevent future attacks. 

AI-powered Automation

With advanced AI capabilities, the solution automatically responds to sophisticated cyberattacks, isolates compromised devices, and prevents lateral movements.

Prioritized Analysis

Microsoft’s Defender XDR analyzes and prioritizes incidents based on 65 trillion daily signals to assist SOC teams in focusing on the most critical threats.

Your Benefits

  • Enhanced Visibility: Close security gaps and optimize SOC operations with 24/7 access to Microsoft’s expertise. 
  • Accelerated Responsiveness: Our experts prioritize and investigate incidents to ensure quick and effective resolutions. 
  • Automated Defense: Stop advanced attacks such as ransomware and business email compromises with advanced AI capabilities that automatically isolate affected devices and user accounts. 
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