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Our Zimbra-based Business Mail & Collaboration service is the perfect solution for the modern world of work.

Modern email and collaboration service

If you want to exploit the benefits of a modern email and groupware solution for your business, but can’t or don’t want to run the required systems yourself in your own data centre, then our Zimbra service may be an interesting alternative for you.    Emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and documents are available at any time, from any location. Your data is synchronised with all mobile devices and can be accessed online or using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.    You can choose between our Zimbra service, where you simply hire the number of mailboxes you need, or our dedicated hosted Zimbra service with its own Zimbra server exclusively for your mailboxes. 





Mailboxes as you need them

You only hire the number of mailboxes that you need: they’re expandable at any time, for as many email domains as desired, with monthly termination.

Flexible access

Your data is always available over the Zimbra Web Client, Zimbra Mobile or a desktop client (Zimbra, Outlook, Apple, etc.).

Protection against data loss

Redundant data storage, daily backup with four-week storage duration and mailbox restoration as required.

Security and data protection

High-availability data centres in Germany with ISO 27001 certification; configurable protection for devices.

Efficient collaboration

Global address books, group calendar and shared data storage make collaboration within the team easier.

Professional spam and virus protection

Our effective spam defence system, multiple virus scanners and zero-hour protection save you stress in your work.

Management and service

Administrative account for managing mailboxes, migration tool for Exchange and other systems, email support.

Email archiving (optional)

All incoming and outgoing emails are automatically archived in a separate mailbox with search function.

Intelligent spam and virus protection with Mail Security

Every Zimbra mailbox is protected by our proven Mail Security service, which automatically blocks spam over 99% of the time. No business emails are lost without your knowledge. Virus scanners from leading manufacturers, multi-step analysis methods and global outbreak monitoring protect against viruses, phishing and harmful code in emails. 

Vendors & Certifications

Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors



Zimbra is a mail server software that enables permanent availability of emails, contacts and tasks. With Zimbra, you have worldwide access to your data at any time. You can take your office with you, wherever you are. Whether you want to view your emails on your smartphone or manage appointments via the web browser, with Zimbra you’re always in the loop.

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