Hosting of applications

As part of our secure hosting, we manage numerous installations for our customers. Usually, we first determine what you need and then compare it with our experience. In that sense, the products and services listed here are only examples of our portfolio. We welcome questions.

Application management

Swiss IT Security Deutschland manages your applications from the network to the application level. Coordinated processes for restarts after errors, 24×7 operation and standby services lead to stable applications, and let you concentrate on your core expertise.



High availability

We provide your applications on our high-availability, multiple redundancy infrastructure.


Your applications are provided in German computing centres by a German operator.


We manage your applications securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Secure management of databases, ECM-CRM-ERP systems

We render our services with professional operating standards and agreed service levels (SLA), and with high-availability, scalable security infrastructure.
Many vendors offer cloud storage. But if you want to guarantee the effectiveness of German data protection under the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), you should choose a German provider. If you also want to agree a certain service level (SLA), the Swiss IT Security Deutschland solution Swap in the Swiss IT Security Deutschland private cloud is ideal. Swap is built on the free software ownCloud and offers encrypted storage and transfer. For simple, secure file transfer, we offer SFTP (secure file transfer) solutions.
Of course, we also manage relational database systems such as MySQL and Oracle database, which probably has the largest market share among business-critical database applications.
Groupware systems such as Exchange, Zimbra and HCL Domino are presented elsewhere.
Along with SharePoint as an enterprise content/information management system, we have also managed systems by OpenText (Content Suite, Livelink) in this segment for many years and have acquired particularly extensive expertise in this area. We have consolidated this experience in a practical report based on customer projects.
Professional management by Swiss IT Security Deutschland of other special applications on behalf of the customer extends to customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems (CRM, ERP), with more than 100 servers.

Vendors & Certifications

Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors



Microsoft is the world’s leading manufacturer of standard software, services and solutions. Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every company on the planet to do more. Security and reliability, innovation and integration, and openness and interoperability are central to the development of all Microsoft products.

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