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The flexible alternative to an in-house email server for effectively tackling spam.

Safe solution – uncomplicated and effective

Looking for a straightforward yet effective solution to protect your corporate email landscape against spam and viruses?

Email is still one of the key communication methods used by businesses, which is why it has yet to lose any of its appeal as a means of transport for spam, viruses and other threats. Cybercriminals are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to bypass spam and virus filters. This is why we are combining our solutions with more and more products and methods and constantly adapting them to new developments to ensure that we can offer the best possible protection at all times. 




Tackle spam in your business mailbox effectively

  • When it comes to your email server, you are looking for a spam protection service that is easy to activate and run.  
  • Your employees shouldn’t waste valuable working time processing quarantine mailboxes or spam folders. 
  • You want to prevent viruses and other email-based threats from getting into your company network. 

Our solution:

With Mail Security, we’re offering you a managed service that acts as an external shield, intercepting spam, viruses and other threats and preventing them from reaching your network. Reliably high detection rates mean you can do without spam folders and quarantine mailboxes. At the same time, our service ensures that no important messages are lost without your knowledge. Mail Security requires no maintenance and is always technically up to date. 


How you benefit 

  • Over 99% of spam is blocked immediately 
  • No need for junk folders and quarantine mailboxes 
  • Reliable protection against viruses, trojans, phishing and other threats, even in email attachments 
  • Protects your email server against attacks and overload 

A flexible alternative to the in-house email server

  • You want a modern email solution, but don’t operate your own email server.
  • Your employees also need to be able to access their emails and shared resources such as their calendar, contacts, tasks, etc., securely using their mobile devices.
  • The mailboxes need reliable protection against spam and viruses. 

Our solution:

Our Zimbra-based Business Mail & Collaboration service is an open source solution with lots of similar features to Microsoft Exchange, but with far more advantages. Emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and documents are available at any time, from any location. Your data is synchronised with all mobile devices.  

It can be accessed online or using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. You can adjust the number of mailboxes to suit your needs at any time and manage them using an administrative account. The scope also includes Mail Security for reliable spam and virus protection for all mailboxes. 

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Zimbra is a mail server software that enables permanent availability of emails, contacts and tasks. With Zimbra, you have worldwide access to your data at any time. You can take your office with you, wherever you are. Whether you want to view your emails on your smartphone or manage appointments via the web browser, with Zimbra you’re always in the loop.


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