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As a member of the leading group of companies in the European region, we pool the know-how of our partners and offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Swiss IT Security Deutschland: People, processes, technology

Since early 2020, Swiss IT Security Deutschland GmbH has combined the many years of experience and comprehensive expertise of alphaBit GmbH and ExpertCircle GmbH. We are part of the Swiss IT Security Group, a leading group of companies for IT security in German-speaking Europe, founded in 2017. Our customers benefit from the experience, competence, resources and services of top-class IT service providers and experienced IT consultants combined in one comprehensive source. We focus on your business requirements and on active support for people, both in digitalisation projects and on individual journeys toward a modern digital workplace. We reduce the complexity of IT through managed service packages and cloud functionalities. But no matter what form our support takes, we ensure customer security.

6 reasons to work with us

Many years of experience

We build on the experience gained from many extensive, long-running projects and incorporate it into our consulting.

Focus human

We know that IT should be there for people. We never lose sight of this, so we know that our projects will do exactly what they need to do: help people in companies and authorities.

Continuous quality assurance

Continuous and systematic quality assurance is an integral part of everything we do for you.

We speak your language

Thanks to our extensive experience, we speak the language of the contacts and decision-makers in large companies and public authorities.

Certification and qualification

We provide our customers with specialists who receive ongoing training, so you can be sure that our knowledge is always up to date and proven in the field.

Comprehensive solution portfolio

Our group affiliation gives us access to a comprehensive, extensive range of solutions and services.


Ralf Christ Swiss IT Security

Ralf Christ

CEO ralf.christ@sits-d.de

Stephan Sachweh

CEO stephan.sachweh@sits-d.de
Ralf Wecke

Ralf Wecke

CEO ralf.wecke@sits-d.de

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Wiesbaden, Deutschland
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Wiesbaden, Deutschland
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Wiesbaden, Deutschland
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    Swiss IT Security Deutschland GmbH
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    Mo – Thu: 8 AM – 6 PM Fr: 8 AM – 4 PM
    Swiss IT Security Deutschland GmbH
    Stollwerckstr. 27-31 51149 Köln Deutschland
    Tel.: +49 611 945881-0 info@sits-d.de
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