Web application firewall

Every complex web application has security gaps. A web application firewall prevents attacks on web applications and closes known and potential security gaps.

Secure web applications

A web application firewall (WAF) protects communication between a client (browser) and the server that contains the web application using an analysis on the application level. It can also be implemented retroactively for web applications already in use. A WAF prevents e.g. cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL and other injections, buffer overflow attacks and unauthorised access to the web server.




A high-availability web application firewall is the right protective barrier to ensure 24/7 availability of your web application

PCI DSS ready

If you run an online shop, most likely with credit card payment option, a web application firewall is a commonplace part of the required infrastructure according to the PCI DSS standard.

Avert cyber attacks early on

React to cyber attacks and threats before IT is completely paralysed

Secure communication with web application firewall (WAF)

We render our services with professional operating standards and agreed service levels (SLA), as well as high-availability, scalable security infrastructure.


NetScaler by Citrix Systems is both a load balancer and a web application firewall. It has made a good name for itself, above all with respect to performance.

KEMP LoadMaster

KEMP LoadMaster can also be used as a load balancer and a web application firewall. It stands out because of its good price-performance ratio.


Unlike the competitor products above, the open-source module ModSecurity is a pure web application firewall, but the trade-off is that it’s especially flexible to use
As part of our secure hosting, we manage numerous installations for our customers. Usually, we first determine what you need and then use our experience to fine tune this. In that sense, the products and services described here are only examples of our portfolio. We welcome questions!

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Citrix is a digital workspace platform that provides employees with everything they need to be productive, while IT departments benefit from transparency, simplicity and security for comprehensive control.

Since 1989, Citrix has provided solutions for easy access to applications and content, so people can obtain the best results – no matter where or when. Today, more than 100 million users across 400,000 organisations – including 99% of the Fortune 500 – trust Citrix to provide a better way to work.



Say goodbye to consolidating multiple apps on a single load balancer. Kemp reduces the application blast radius by giving you a dedicated load balancer/ADC for each app or microservice across cloud and container environments.

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