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Today, the risk of infection by viruses, phishing and the like is greater on the web than by email. Even supposedly trustworthy websites can be compromised, and accessing a website even once on a PC can lead to infection of the whole company network (drive-by download). Our Swiss IT Security Deutschland solutions ensure secure web access.

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A digital workplace without internet access is unthinkable today. But the web harbours a variety of hazards, from malware to phishing sites and content unsuitable for consumers.



Individual policy

Different policies can be implemented depending on the user group. For trainees, for example, youth protection may play an important role, whereas protection against malware is important for all employees.


Whether a secure proxy server or an integrated UTM firewall, we’ll find a solution that’s easy for you to integrate.

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As part of our Managed Security Service, we manage numerous installations for our customers. Usually, we first determine what you need and then use our experience to fine tune this. In that sense, the products and services described here are only examples of our portfolio. We welcome questions! We provide our Managed Security Services on-site with the customer or at our highly secure computing centre with professional operating standards and agreed service levels (SLA).
A proxy server can be used as a standard element of network security. It acts as an intermediary between the user/the user’s browser and the unsecured internet. The user is made “invisible” behind the proxy. The Swiss IT Security Deutschland proxy allows various additional security services to be set up, for example access restrictions, a URL filter, or virus protection. The proxy then becomes a security gateway. Modern firewall systems either have an integrated proxy or else protection can be realised by other means.
It’s easy to stumble over virus-infected web servers while browsing and downloading online, even if the content otherwise appears reputable. That’s why this communication channel must also be freed of viruses, trojans and other malware. As always, protection should be interposed as far in front of one’s own end systems as possible and must be maintained in top condition through professional management.
Instead of only detecting and defending against malware during the loading process (see virus protection above), it’s also possible to classify online targets (websites) as harmless/harmful, etc. A URL filter does this: it blocks access to unwanted content immediately. This could be harmful websites or compliance violations by employees in their internet use. The Cyren URL filter used by Swiss IT Security Deutschland has particularly high detection accuracy and real-time protection. It even categorises deep links on lower-level web subpages.
A next-generation firewall makes it possible to control unwanted applications, e.g. to prohibit Skype, allow Teams, but prohibit ports.
User-dependent authentication allows or blocks functionalities depending on membership in a group with the same rights. The required information is verified through the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), e.g. through the Microsoft Active Directory Service. Credentials can also be linked to a single sign-on (SSO) agent as a convenient way to pass on rights. User-dependent control is especially essential if different user groups are working over the same devices (e.g. terminal servers).

Vendors & Certifications

Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors

Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks

The network security platform from Palo Alto Networks enhances the visibility of applications, users and content, reduces the attack surface and protects networks and systems from known and unknown threats. The platform includes solutions for decentralised organisations, for perimeter protection and for the virtualised data centre – from hardware-based and virtualised firewalls and centralised management to the ‘WildFire’ cloud, which identifies and blocks unknown threats. The unique single-pass architecture with function-specific hardware support guarantees high performance.



Our products enable you to protect all the endpoints in your network – laptops, virtual desktops, servers, internet and email traffic, and mobile devices. Protection is provided by products tailored to your specific needs. In securing your network, we offer what no one else can: simplicity.



The SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform seamlessly integrates security, management, analytics and real-time threat intelligence across the company’s portfolio of network, email, mobile and cloud security products. This approach enables our complete portfolio of high-performance hardware, virtual appliances and clients to harness the power, agility and scalability of the cloud.



Cyren provides an array of proprietary technology, ranging from algorithms and behavioural analytics to big data, machine learning and advanced threats research.

By automating advanced analytics within the cloud, Cyren uses its extensive detection capability to identify and block threats faster than any other solution. Cyren is revolutionising internet security by using comprehensive cloud data to provide the fastest protection available. Industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft and Check Point trust Cyren to protect millions of users and billions of internet transactions every day.



genua GmbH ensures the IT security of digital infrastructures in complex, critical or regulated environments. In a dynamic and networked world, we make a contribution to the ability of companies and public organizations to act as well as to their sovereignty. We thereby ensure that the opportunities that this world offers can be used.

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