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Email is becoming ever more important as a way to close business transactions. Email counts as business correspondence and must be archived in compliance with audit standards. The Managed Service offered by Swiss IT Security Deutschland relieves you of the burden of storage of business records.

Audit-ready email archiving

Germans send 732.2 billion emails every year. Despite the existence of alternative communication channels and the rise of collaborative platforms, email still registers growth of 17% per year. Many companies cannot use the information and knowledge contained in emails because it is decentralised. Studies show that 94.1% of German companies receive electronic invoices, which they are required to archive. This makes email an organisational and technical challenge for businesses. When viewed together with legal considerations, there is no alternative to email archiving.




Audit-ready, uneditable archiving with an adjustable storage period


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GDPR-compliant, in German computing centres with a German operator

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This must be the basis of your email archiving:
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Legal background

In a letter dated 14 November 2014 on the principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and data access (GoBD), the Federal Ministry of Finance established the requirements for IT-protected processes from the point of view of financial administration. The GoBD replace the previously valid BoBS and GDPdU.

When does the obligation apply to me?

These days, businesses usually send offers, invoices, etc. by email. Email has taken on the function of business correspondence and is subject to retention according to GoBD. An email is an originally electronic document that is received electronically by a business.The two elements, business correspondence and electronic document, establish an obligation to store emails only electronically. One exception: if the email is used purely as a means of transport for an electronic file (such as an invoice) and contains no additional tax-relevant information, it does not have to be stored separately. In this case, the email act as an envelope. The attached file is then subject to electronic archiving.

A look at the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

When the GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018, it set additional requirements for data protection and handling of personal data.

We have your secure solution

With Swiss IT Security Deutschland as your Managed Service Provider for email archiving, you minimise your expenses and simultaneously increase your performance. Our solution is available immediately after a short set-up process. Leave archiving of your emails in our hands. We take over the management and maintenance. You save time, so you can concentrate on your areas of expertise. Your trust in our management of your data is our top priority. Your sensitive business information is archived separately. Although we are responsible for administration of your email archive, we do not have direct access to your data. Data sovereignty remains in your hands. Through integration with Microsoft Outlook, Web Access and mobile applications, your employees can access archived emails at any time.

More than legally watertight – eight reasons

Not only hard copies of contracts and data on your server are business-critical corporate information, legislation also includes email in this category. Under statutory regulation, you are obliged to store it in full for several years.
A steady volume of email compromises your performance and slows down searches. Email is one of the most important carriers of information in a company. It routes the majority of internal and external communication, and is a crucial component of relevant processes in your company.
Emails are often scattered over various email servers, user computers and external service providers. Email archiving consolidates all emails in a company at one location.
Emails often contain information of great importance to companies. Access to inboxes is not a big challenge for any of your employees. Nor is deletion – it just takes one click of the mouse. Whether it’s intentional, accidental or caused by technical problems does not matter. Deleted is deleted. Your business loses valuable information this way every day. Email archiving is a virtual safe that protects you against data loss.
Backups and laborious restores are simplified by email archiving. Restore old emails with just one click of the mouse.
Email archiving makes inbox limits and the export of emails as PST files superfluous. Make good use of the new free capacity on your server and increase the efficiency of your processes.
Rising email volume requires storage capacity. With email archiving, your storage is reduced using Single Instance Storage. Much-needed server and storage resources are available again.
Make things easier for your IT. Email archiving as a Managed Service saves you substantial investment costs. You do not need to buy new hardware or license expensive software. Monthly, use-based costs keep you on top of your expenses. You pay only for the number of assigned employees with their own user archive during a billing month.

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