Winning with Insights: Identify Threats to Your Assets

Managed Cyber Threat Intelligence Services 

Data, Intelligence, Insights – the invaluable weapon in the cat-and-mouse game of cyber security. Stay ahead of attackers by identifying threats, leaks, identity theft and other external dangers proactively before they become real problems 

Our CTI-as-a-Service is your fully managed early-warning system to protect your organization’s public facing assets.  

Get CTI-as-a-Service – at a Glance

#1 - The Challenge

You can’t fight what you don’t know. You need to reduce cyber risks from leaks, identity theft, and the latest online threats.

#2 - The solution

Secure all your external assets with Dark Web Monitoring, Leak Detection and VIP Protection: Proactively identify threats. Get monitoring for malicious activities and PII leaks.

#3 - How we do it? A true Expert-Managed Service

Expert-Managed Service: CTI-as-a-Service is available as a managed standalone service or as an indicators of compromise (IOC) feed integrated into your SOC/SIEM.

You Can’t Fight What You Don’t Know

Without any knowledge on the latest threats, you can’t protect your business. Challenges of today’s landscape include:

I - Fighting the Unknowns Before or During an attack

You need time-critical answers to questions like ‘Who is attacking you?’, ‘What tools or tactics are they using?’, ‘Which data is already compromised and is your brand at risk?” and be prepared for any Zero Day Vulnerability.

II – Credential & Intellectual Property Leaks

Your employees are in the crosshairs of attackers. Their data and your intellectual property can fall into the wrong hands.

III - Executive Targeting

Executive Targeting

IV – Hidden Web Threats

The hidden realms of the dark and deep web harbor malicious activities that can target your organization: Botnets, data dumps, and hacking-as-a-service platforms remain undetected until it's too late.

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service?

Our Managed CTI is the answer to all challenges and helps you identify and mitigate threats early. Get tailored alerts an automated threat response to elevate your IT security team. Our solution includes: 

I - Dark & Deep Web Monitoring

Get monitoring of (dark) web, deep web, forums and more for malicious activities, including botnets, data dumps, exploits, hacking-as-a-service attacks, remote access and PII trading

II – Credential & Data Leak Detection

Detects: Instantly detect personally identifiable information (PII) from customers and employees. Our CTI monitors the entire web for PII to help protect against identity theft and fraud. 

III - VIP Protection

Preventing the CEO Fraud: Detect compromised credentials (PII, SSNs, credit card credentials) of key executives which can be used for impersonation to intercept usual money transfers.

Available in Two Packages. Get Critical 24/7 Care on Top

Get our CTI-as-a-Service based on your needs: 

Option 1 – Professional Plan

Best suited for companies with advanced brand protection, attack surface management, and threat monitoring and alerting requirements. 

Monitoring and analysis options:

  • Business: 9am to 5pm (working days) analysis by SITS experts 
  • Critical: 24/7 monitoring and analysis by SITS experts 

Option 2 – Enterprise-Plan

Meets the needs of major organizations with custom-tuned threat intelligence, API integration, threat actor tracking, and HUMINT requirements added on top

Monitoring and analysis:


  • Critical: 24/7 monitoring and analysis by SITS experts

POV success statistics

In 14-day trial period, most of the subscribers started seeing the value.

97 %

of customers that have discovered unknown assets during POV

74 %

of customers that have become aware of unknown data exposure during POV

The Power of Our CTI-as-a-Service gives you:

  • Protection & Insights from Day 1 : Thanks to years of best practice, we set up CTI-as-a-Service so you are protected and informed from the first day – all tailored to your need. 
  • Ongoing optimization: As part of our managed approach, our security specialists continuously tune and optimize the SOCRadar CTI platform to best protect against new threats and minimize false positives.  
  • From Standalone to 24/7 Managed Service: We do it all for you: Whether it’s a simple standalone ervices, indicators of compromise (IOC) implementation, or a full-on managed service – we offer CTI based on exactly what you need and how often you need it, from licensing and onboarding to fine-tuning.  
  • A Feed into Your SOC/SIEM: in combination with our Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) offerings, you’ll have the perfect weapon against new threats.
  • Takedown Service: Integrated and comprehensive takedown service: On-demand takedown services for phishing, malware, social media, mobile apps, and brand abuse sites. One click is enough to initiate takedown requests without any additional legal and procedural burden to security teams
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