Integrated web protection for you (including SSL)

Instant protection any time you access the internet and with any device – without any need for software, hardware or clients.

Integrated web protection for you (including SSL)

Viruses, spyware and other threats are becoming increasingly widespread across websites and social media. Employee mobility and the rising number of mobile devices means IT departments have a tough task on their hands when it comes to ensuring comprehensive protection any time the internet is accessed.   Compared with local installations, web security as a service offers numerous benefits, including instant and on-demand protection, no more need for installation and maintenance, and always up-to-date analytical tools. Using the web-based user interface, administrators can still retain complete control over all settings and security rules. 





Always available, barely noticeable

Global service with 99.99% availability; close-to-zero latencies; extensive database with approx. 90,000 security updates a day.

Less complexity, more flexibility

Easy to activate without any need for hardware, software or desktop clients; modular licensing on demand.

Protection for all devices everywhere

Security at any location for PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, users of your guest WiFi, employees on the go, etc.

Individual security policies

Granular URL filters; web 2.0 control; control for cloud applications; confidential data protection (data loss prevention).

You retain control

Web-based centralised management of your own security policies; detailed statistics and real-time analyses.

Mobile security

Zscaler Web & Mobile Security protects even mobile devices against online threats by directing browsers’ and apps’ mobile data traffic over the Zscaler Security Cloud. The protection can be configured for internal company and private devices (BYOD) alike. Zscaler identifies mobile apps that connect to harmful websites or unintentionally disclose confidential data. Mobile protection is made even easier with the Zscaler SafeBrowser, which automatically establishes a proxy connection to the security systems to ensure all-round online protection. 

Zscaler® Web Security™

The Zscaler Web Security service protects against online threats wherever they occur – even on the internet itself. Acting as a protective shield across over 100 data centres worldwide, the cloud service monitors incoming and outgoing internet data traffic in real time. 

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Zscaler is an American cloud-based information security company based in San José, California. Zscaler products help to protect corporate and customer data against cyberattacks. The company has more than 150 data centres on six continents.


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