Vulnerability analysis with PCI security scan

Our service enables you to detect security vulnerabilities in your systems and eliminate them in good time before they can be exploited for attacks.

Who is the security scan suitable for?

The PCI security scan enables businesses from any industry to have their internet-accessible systems checked for known vulnerabilities. The vulnerability analysis is quick and affordable to conduct for selected IP addresses, making it the perfect tool for regularly reviewing your security level.     The PCI security scan was developed for the purposes of verifying the security standards of the credit card industry (PCI). Our service is based on the certified security scans from Qualys, an approved scanning vendor (ASV)     And the vulnerability analysis focuses on generally widespread security vulnerabilities in systems and web applications that aren’t specific to any one industry. So even businesses that don’t process any credit card details can benefit from the test results and the detailed status report on their IT infrastructure’s security level.  






Vulnerabilities are identified, but not exploited. The target systems are not affected.

Affordable and efficient

No software needs to be installed for the scan, which can be repeated as often as desired and is charged per IP address.

Detailed scan report

The technical report with summary specifies and assesses the vulnerabilities discovered and suggests possible solutions.

Equivalent standards

The analysis uses a standardized method that meets the credit card industry’s certified security guidelines.

The PCI security scan is an internationally certified procedure

The PCI security scan enables all internet-accessible systems and applications to be checked for thousands of known security vulnerabilities. What makes it stand out is that it not only lists the faults it finds, but also assesses them, giving your system an overall ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed’ assessment depending on the severity of the security flaws. The vulnerabilities discovered are explained in the scan report and assigned to a risk category, allowing you to prioritise security vulnerabilities and close them using the proposed solutions. 
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Vendors & Certifications

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It is vital to ensure that security loopholes in networks, servers, at the endpoint and in web applications are detected reliably – and to achieve this, it is vital to know how the infrastructure assets are configured. Qualys helps automate vulnerability and configuration assessments. The checks can be configured via a web-based portal and executed manually or automatically. The resulting reports not only list weaknesses but also offer concrete ideas for improvement. Qualys also offers a series of online services and private cloud appliances for SMEs and large organisations.

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