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Looking for an effective solution to your spam problem and reliable virus protection for your email service?  Our service acts as an external shield to prevent spam, viruses and other malware from reaching your network and protects your email server against attacks. We ensure that your email communication is guaranteed and prevent your mailboxes from being flooded with junk. The benefit for you is a modern anti-spam solution that blocks spam automatically along with virus protection that combines the best virus scanners available on the market, giving your employees more time again to answer important emails and relieving the strain on your administrators and infrastructure. Our service is instantly available, requiring no maintenance or installation in your network. Zero-risk booking: if you are not satisfied within the first two weeks, you can withdraw from the contract without any ifs or buts!





High detection rates

We combine the best analysis methods on the market and detect more than 99% of spam and 100% of all known viruses.

Say goodbye to your junk folder

Spam emails are detected so early that we can block them immediately and stop them from being accepted. There’s no need to keep your junk folder up and running for the rare few that do manage to slip through.

Quick and easy

Our managed service immediately protects your email without changing your infrastructure and offers you the benefit of up-to-date analytical tools at all times.

High performance and high availability

Our infrastructure can analyse thousands of emails per minute and ensures that your emails are delivered quickly.

Failure protection

In the event that your email server cannot be reached, we can save your emails for you temporarily to ensure that nothing gets lost.

We protect your network

Harmful emails are detected and blocked while they’re still outside your network, with your email server protected against overload and denial-of-service attacks.

We are the right partner at your side

Extensive experience

For over 25 years, we have provided our customers with reliable protection against spam and viruses and are constantly further developing our services.

Secure and compliant with privacy requirements

With our data centres located in Germany, we support TLS encryption and our spam and virus filters work without storing your emails temporarily.

Security made in Germany

Our support services are never far away and you can rest assured that no data ends up in data centres overseas.

How Safe Cascade works

Our security systems are located upstream of your email server and check all incoming emails for spam, viruses and other harmful codes. Harmful emails are blocked, while all harmless emails are forwarded directly to your email server and delivered as usual. 
Safe Cascade works with almost any SMTP email server. 
Once an email has been accepted by the email server, it can only be deleted by the recipient themselves, meaning that, for many businesses, junk folders or quarantine mailboxes that are full to bursting are an everyday occurrence. Using the methods we have developed and global outbreak monitoring for new waves of spam and viruses, we can detect most spam emails even before they reach the email server and can reject them immediately. Additional filter levels are then used to identify emails that are less likely to be spam. They can be filtered into a special mailbox as usual. However, most of our customers opt out of this, as the ‘remaining spam’ can quickly be deleted from their inbox. 
The probability of an email being wrongfully rejected is 1:1,000,000. In this case, the sender receives an error message and can send the message again once they have been classified as trustworthy. Unlike traditional spam filters, we do not lose any important emails to your spam folder, where they may accidentally be deleted. 
For reliable virus protection, we combine the strengths of at least three virus scanners from leading manufacturers to achieve a detection rate of 100% for known viruses. We identify and block many new threats still without any virus signatures using behavioural analyses and global outbreak monitoring. 

Tamper-proof email archiving

In addition to our spam and virus protection, you can also archive all your email communications with us in a way that is tamper-proof. This is done by automatically creating a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails that is then saved securely and in an unalterable form on our protected systems with the option of being accessed again at any time.    Users can use a web portal to retrieve emails using a full text search or targeted search parameters and have them sent again as needed. Our service meets all legal requirements. We save your emails redundantly in high-availability data centres in Germany. 
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Vendors & Certifications

Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors



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