Data centres

Security for your IT infrastructure in Germany. With ISO 27001 certification and based on the disaster recovery criteria set out by the German Federal Cyber Security Authority (BSI).

IT resources as required from German data centres

Our cloud infrastructure is located in several data centres within Germany, some of which are in the immediate vicinity of the world’s largest internet hub, DE-CIX. The data centres are certified in accordance with ISO 27001. You can comply with the disaster recovery criteria set out by the BSI by choosing the right data centre locations. A direct connection is used to quickly and securely synchronize or store data off-site. 





Green energy

The SITS-Cloud is powered in the data centres using electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

Fast connection to the internet

Our data centres use independent carriers for a redundant broadband connection to the internet.

Strict access control

Our data centres are monitored around the clock by site security and video cameras.

TIER 3+ standard for high availability

Both data centres meet the second-highest availability standard according to the criteria set out by the Uptime Institute, with some components even meeting the highest standard. All critical systems are designed redundantly. 

Disaster recovery and high-availability hosting

Off-site backup  Daily backups are stored off-site in a different data centre to protect your data against loss in the event of a disaster.  Replication and disaster recovery  To protect your applications from longer failures – regardless of the cause – you can continually mirror them to a second data centre and start them there in a virtual backup data centre when required.  High-availability operation  We can host applications requiring round-the-clock accessibility and excellent performance simultaneously in both data centres and connect them with modern traffic management systems.

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