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Special methods and tools are used In the web application security test to simulate attack situations with the aim of uncovering potential harmful loopholes in web applications. Swiss IT Security Deutschland uses leading tools to do this.

Your new web app is going online?

Before going online, all new web applications and any that have undergone significant changes should be examined intensively for vulnerabilities to ensure that loopholes are fixed internally before they are found by a malicious attacker.




Many years of expertise in testing web applications


OWASP top 10 security loopholes are always tested as a given

Well-known tools

Use of well-known tools for web application tests to boost efficiency

Swiss IT Security Deutschland tests your web applications

Combat security loopholes and vulnerabilities
Security loopholes in web applications open up plenty of opportunities for cyber criminals to cause significant damage. The most explosive situation arises when sensitive data is exposed, such as professional secrets, company expertise, personal data or passwords and banking information. These result in direct financial losses and indirect issues caused by reputational harm. The intruder can also cause loss of reputation by placing detrimental third-party content on company websites. Ultimately, web loopholes are gateways for all malware criminals, who now use the internet as the main route of virus spread.
Cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection (SQLi) are the most common and dangerous vulnerabilities of web applications. Unauthorised reading of files and entire directories through directory traversal, incorrect web server settings, errors in AJAX-based web 2.0 apps and Google hacking also open up a wide range of vulnerabilities to hackers. Complex programs can have many more vulnerabilities. Then there are the weaknesses in the web server itself.
A web application security test usually follows these steps:
  • Inspection of web application, test set-up
  • Automated, supervised check without login details
  • Automated, supervised check with login details
  • Manual follow-up check, validation and assessment
  • Preparation of report and presentation of findings
Swiss IT Security Deutschland also investigates the web application’s architecture, design and code for means in which to implement key security features. The relevant knowledge and specific findings can be used in developer workshops for recommended measures, and thus help to reduce and where possible avoid future security risks.

Vendors & Certifications

Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors



IBM offers a broad portfolio of business and technology services, designed to optimise business experiences.



Acunetix by Invicti Security is an application security testing tool built to help small & mid-size organizations around the world take control of their web security.

We believe in empowering security teams to reduce risk across all types of web applications with fast scanning, comprehensive results and intelligent automation.

We know the proper tools can bridge the gap between security and development to reduce tension, finger pointing, and re-work to create a culture of security.


Burp Suit by Portswigger

PortSwigger is a global leader in cybersecurity. We provide solutions that bring productivity, agility, reliability, and excellence to your web application security strategy.

Our products and research help tens of thousands of users worldwide find and remediate vulnerabilities to keep your applications up and running. No matter where you are in your security maturity journey, PortSwigger is here to help you secure the web.

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