Protect data against loss

Off-site data backup for VMware systems. Secure backup of your Linux systems in an external data centre

Protect data from total loss

Want to protect your data from total loss by additionally storing your backups at an external location? Local backups are practical when it comes to rapid recoverability of data or systems. However, data is lost if the backups are destroyed or develop errors. An additional off-site backup is one way to protect against this, and involves backing up your data at a different location. Cloud storage is both an ideal and affordable storage location for backups and is supported by numerous backup products. 




Off-site backup for VMware systems

You have a VMware infrastructure and want to back up your virtual machines and the data stored not just locally, but also externally?  You want an off-site backup that is easy to install and run and that allows you to continue using your existing backup software? The backup data needs to be stored in encrypted form in a secure environment? You want an affordable, on-demand storage space for your backups? 
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Our solutions:

1. Off-site backup with a cloud storage gateway A cloud storage gateway builds a secure bridge between your own backup and storage systems and our data storage in the cloud. It is installed as an appliance (hardware or software) in the business and integrates the cloud storage into your existing infrastructure.

How you benefit:

  • Affordable and unrestricted storage space in the cloud is directly incorporated into your own network. 
  • Simultaneous, speedy access to locally stored data and backups. 
  • All data is automatically encrypted before transfer to the cloud. 
  • Deduplication and compression ensure efficient use of bandwidth and storage space. 

2. Off-site backup with Unitrends Enterprise Backup

If you secure your systems and data with Unitrends Enterprise Backup, you can directly replicate the backups into the cloud storage using Unitrends CloudHook and additionally secure your local backup. 

Secure backup of your Linux systems in an external data centre

You are looking for a simple way of backing up your data externally on your Linux systems? Your data needs to be protected against third-party access and therefore stored in a data centre in Germany in encrypted form?

Our solutions:

Duply’ is a frontend of ‘Duplicity’, which is available on many Linux systems. Duply allows you to configure your very own backup routines. The backups can automatically be encrypted using GPG and saved directly in cloud storage. Your backups are stored redundantly in a secure data centre in Germany.

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