Modern infrastructure with a fast network and the right service for every application. Your data is available at all times and is protected against hardware failures and loss. We give your databases and applications high performance with accelerated storage.

VMware infrastructure

We use the same virtualisation software as thousands of businesses around the world. Our service has been validated by VMware since 2011 and guarantees you unrestricted compatibility with your own VMware infrastructure. You can migrate your virtual machines without any problems whatsoever and securely incorporate the virtual data centre into your network as a hybrid solution. 




Web-based management

Own portal

Management portal for independent administration of your virtual infrastructure


Independent scaling of vCPU, RAM and storage

Plug & Play

Catalogue of preconfigured images from numerous operating systems and applications

Integrated high availability

Automatic restart

Automatic restart of virtual machines on a different host in the event of a server failure

No downtime

Uninterrupted maintenance work due to live migration of VMs to alternative hardware units


Managed Services

Storage of VM snapshots as needed


Our storage systems with redundant storage on different hardware nodes are optimised for very high data availability. Daily data backups reliably protect your data against loss. What’s more, we offer you several storage classes for different performance demands. 
  • High-availability SAN storage with RAID and synchronous data mirroring 
  • Accelerated storage with minimal latencies and up to 50,000 IOPS 
  • Object-based cloud storage for affordable data archiving  
  • NAS filter for shared use of data storage 
  • Storage of VM snapshots as needed 


Within the SITS-Cloud and even between two data centres, data can be transferred at 10 gigabit/s and optionally also at 100 gigabit/s. Both sites have a redundant broadband connection to the internet over independent carriers and are directly connected to one another by means of a redundant fibreglass solution. 

Vendors & Certifications

Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors



VMware paves the way for digital businesses to deliver a better customer experience and support employees to do their best work. Our software spans computing, cloud, networking and security, and the digital workspace.


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