Hybrid cloud

Expand your options and enhance your own IT infrastructure with cloud resources as required.

Take advantage of both worlds

There are good reasons to leave certain data in your own data centre. However, there are also projects and applications where the cloud and its flexibility are clearly superior to in-house operation.   A hybrid cloud offers you the best of both worlds, allowing you to securely combine your own network with a virtual data centre in the SITS-Cloud, where you can hire additional resources as needed. You save on investment costs spent on acquiring your own hardware, can scale up more quickly and benefit from our range of different service options. 
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Typical hybrid cloud scenarios are:

  • Applications with load peaks or seasonal load fluctuations 
  • Applications with special requirements that can’t be met in your own data centre  
  • Test and development projects
  • Disaster recovery solutions 




What we offer:

  • Provision of RAM, vCPU and storage as required and with free scalability in a virtual data centre 
  • Protection for your data and applications in a private network segment with firewall and individual security measures in place 
  • A secure connection to the company network over a VPN or direct network connection 
  • Secure migration of your applications during ongoing operation 
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Easy migration

Our cloud migration service offers you the chance to migrate applications between your network and your virtual data centre in the cloud with next to no interruptions. The service works bilaterally and primarily pays off if you need to move productive applications without longer operational interruptions. The data is replicated during ongoing operation. Even complex applications with a consistent data pool can then be started at the new location. 

Compatible with VMware

The SITS-Cloud is based on VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud technology. Our service was validated by VMware back in 2011 and guarantees complete compatibility for VMware environments. All applications and operating systems that work with vSphere can also be operated in the SITS cloud without any need to rewrite the software. You can move your virtual machines to the cloud or replicate them live using our migration service.  The vCloud connector is a plugin for VMware vSphere and facilitates the hybrid use of cloud resources together with your own VMware infrastructure. Using your usual vSphere client, you can also monitor and manage your VMs in the cloud and can copy templates from one location to another. 

Is hybrid cloud the right option for you?

We help you plan, implement and operate solutions in the SITS-Cloud.

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