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Want to expand your options and respond to new requirements more quickly? While the cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, it offers exactly the right mix of performance and flexibility for some requirements. Regardless of whether your own data centre has reached its limits or you don’t even want to operate one yourself, your applications need more performance than you can provide them with or you want to implement new projects quickly and without making costly investments – in the SITS-Cloud, you’re sure to find the right solution for the challenges you’re facing.  Turbo-speed storage for your database servers in the cloud.  Manage heavy fluctuations in capacity demands.  Connect cloud resources directly to your own data centre.  Migrate productive applications to the cloud live and without any losses.  Store large volumes of image and video data for web applications. 




Turbo-speed storage for your database servers in the cloud

Do you have database applications with very high performance demands and are therefore looking for a suitable hosting solution?

Our solution:

You can hire a virtual data centre with accelerated storage from us. With a read/write speed of up to 50,000 IOPS and very low latencies, we can provide your databases with the performance that they need, while our accelerated storage offers you all the benefits of our gold storage class. Multiple-redundant data storage on different hardware nodes ensures that your data is available and protected against loss at all times.    For business applications that aren’t just speedy, but also secure, the virtual data centre offers security features at enterprise level. Along with the complete separation of data traffic at network level, firewall protection and other security settings that you can configure yourself, we offer you access to a range of different optional security services as required. 

Manage heavy fluctuations in capacity demands

Do you temporarily need a large number of virtual machines for your projects and, for the rest of the time, only require storage space for your images.  The virtual machines and associated resources need to be capable of being activated automatically as quickly as possible? While the capacities need to be quickly scalable and should be invoiced according to use?

Our solution: 

A virtual data centre operating ‘pay per use’ invoicing allows you to scale the required resources yourself and ensures that you only ever pay for what you use. You can create and manage your own catalogues for your images and start or deactivate virtual machines as needed. The vCloud API gives you access to a standard interface that you can also use to automate resource scaling with the help of separate applications.   We offer a virtual data centre with various storage and service classes that can also be combined, meaning that you can adapt the scope of services and costs alike precisely to your respective needs. Our 10 gigabit network also ensures that data is exchanged quickly between your systems. 

The virtual classroom from the cloud

evoila GmbH provides your customers with client-server environments for training sessions. With ‘Classroom from the cloud’, the required systems are provided in a matter of minutes. With some days requiring 300 virtual machines and others none at all, quick and automated scaling was crucial for the project’s success. 

Connect cloud resources directly to your own data centre

You want to expand your in-house VMware infrastructure with capacities from the cloud? Do you want to operate part of your virtual machines or applications in the cloud or continuously replicate data in the cloud for disaster recovery purposes?  Do you need a protected connection between your data centre and the cloud to exchange data swiftly and securely?

Our solution:

A virtual data centre in the SITS-Cloud is completely compatible with VMware vSphere infrastructures, making it highly suitable for hybrid cloud scenarios. The vCloud connector also allows you to manage the resources in the cloud using the vSphere client and copy templates. Data can be exchanged over a VPN connection.   If larger volumes of data are regularly exchanged between the sites, we also offer you the option of connecting to the SITS-Cloud privately using Direct Connect. From MPLS and leased lines to the broadband, dedicated fibreglass connection, we have the ideal solution to suit every requirement. What’s more, we also offer you the chance to use your own IP addresses in the cloud as needed. 

Migrate productive applications to the cloud live and without any losses

Do you want to migrate productive applications from your data centre to the cloud and run them there in future? The migration needs to take place without any longer operational interruptions, and the applications also need to have the current data pool at the new site?

Our solution:

With our migration service, your applications are initially replicated in the cloud without causing any impairment to normal operations. The application in the data centre is only stopped and started at the new site with an identical configuration and consistent data pool for immediate operation once all the data has been completely copied. The migration service is mainly suitable for complex applications with multiple virtual machines and larger volumes of data, which can only otherwise be migrated with a great deal of effort and longer operational interruptions. 

Store large volumes of image and video data for web applications

Do you have very large volumes of data, e.g. extensive image or video files, that you want to offer to users of your web applications for download? Do you need a robust storage space that allows easy management of any size of data volume and can be accessed over the internet?

Our solution:

With cloud storage, we’re offering you robust object storage that can be scaled as desired and saves your data redundantly in German data centres. Even very large files can be saved in cloud storage without any issues. The storage system can be incorporated into web applications using the S3-compatible interface. Alternatively, users can also retrieve data directly from the cloud storage solution.   Of course, this product is also available to you if you use our Enterprise Hosting Service and host your web applications in a protected virtual data centre in the SITS-Cloud. 

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