Business continuity in an emergency

Stay productive even if your IT systems fail

Staying fit for work in an emergency

Want to ensure business continuity in an emergency even if your own IT systems are unavailable? Fires, floods, power cuts, hacker attacks or software bugs in the network are just a few of the many causes of a serious IT system failure. The more dependent business processes are on functioning applications, the more important it is to have measures that can quickly restore productive operation in an emergency.     With our disaster recovery solutions, we take into account individual requirements regarding recovery time, recovery location and data availability. The SITS-Cloud is more than just a secure storage location for copies of your data; it is also a virtual backup data centre for your emergency systems. 




How you benefit:

  • Continuous replication in near real-time without snapshots or loading productive systems 
  • Disaster recovery with RPOs lasting a few seconds and RTOs in the minute range 
  • Precise recovery of previous states 
  • Easy integration into existing VMware infrastructures 
  • Private virtual data centre as a backup data centre on request that can also be used for testing and productive systems 
  • Optimal cost control with usage-based service fees and infinite scalability 

Data centre replication and recovery service

  • You have a VMware infrastructure and business-critical applications that need to be available at all times.  
  • The maximum tolerable failure time for your systems is only a few hours or less.  
  • You want to prevent data created during the last backup from being lost during an unscheduled system failure. 

Our solution:

Our proposed solution is disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), which involves you reflecting your business-critical applications in a secure cloud environment, without the need for any agents to be installed on the virtual machines for continuous replication. All replication processes and failover tests can be controlled using the VMware vCenter.   In an emergency, a preconfigured virtual data centre is ready for operation within a matter of minutes, with the applications coming back online and your employees being able to continue working not long afterwards. Your applications always have a data pool that is up to date and consistent and that can also be copied back into your own data centre. The data is transmitted in compressed form using an encrypted connection. 

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