Network Access Control (NAC)

With NAC solution, you always know which devices are in your network. You can efficiently monitor your used PCs, printers, laptops, but also medical devices and thus protect your IT infrastructure from unauthorized access.

Do you always have an up-to-date overview of your entire network?

Controlled network access is the first line of defense against unauthorized access to sensitive company and customer data. However, few companies have a complete overview and the necessary know-how to recognize who and with what device is in their network. The steady increase in mobile devices and constant WLAN availability are moving the subject even more into focus.

With the BSI-certified NAC solution Swiss IT Security Deutschland offers you the protection you need for efficient network access control. All devices in the network (PCs, printers, laptops, medical or technical IoT) can be identified, efficiently monitored and protected against unauthorized access at any time.

With the central administration of all company switches via SNMP or SSH, we ensure that you are in control of your network. Switchport-specific rules can be used to inform you and grant or deny access. Comprehensive and user-specific reporting always provides you with up-to-date evaluations.


That speaks for NAC

  • Introduction within a day and intuitive daily handling
  • SNMP & amp; Mixed operation with and without 802.1X
  • AD integration as well as automatic and dynamic rules
  • Manufacturer independent
  • Cost savings through the use of existing resources
  • Immediate network overview with graphic reports and topology display that is always up-to-date
  • Live inventory management
  • Highly flexible guest portal to allow
  • German-speaking support

Our range of NAC services

Your network is safe with us! Our overall solution relies on a stable basis for comprehensive protection.

The permanent monitoring of the network ensures that the current status of the devices is always up-to-date. The systems can be provided with additional information in order to manage them directly, or they can also be conveniently synchronized by coupling with another asset management system.

Depending on the requirements, the compliance status can be received from external sources, actively obtained by connecting external databases or determined by the macmon agent. In addition, messages from the use of the integrated IF-MAP technology can be used.

In summary, this means for you:

  • Comprehensive mapping of the compliance status by any manufacturer-independent data supplier and optionally the macmon agent

  • proactive response to sources of infection

  • fast and automated isolation of insecure systems in the network

  • easy and quick implementation, since no changes to the infrastructure are required

Whether you want to use the reactive approach via SNMP, the proactive approach via 802.1X or a mixed operation to control access, it makes no administrative difference thanks to the uniform and automatic set of rules in macmon NAC.

With NAC you are:

Variable: mapping and implementation of any VLAN concept.

Compatible: Connection of any identity sources for the automatic maintenance of the systems

Efficient: Guest portal with sponsor and BYOD functionality to reduce administration costs.

Flexible: establishment of security zones and dedicated accesses.

Powerful: dynamic and automatic set of rules.

Autonomous: Isolation of UFOs.

The solution works completely independently of the manufacturer. This means that all SNMP-manageable switches and routers can be controlled. This enables us to achieve full coverage even in very mixed environments. Our requirements are minimal. The switches and routers must be manageable (read and write) via SNMP V1, V2c or V3 or via SSH.

Vendors & Certifications

Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors


macmon secure GmbH

macmon secure develops network security software, focussing on Network Access Control. Founded in 2003 macmon secure has grown form strength to strength, becoming the technology leader in the field of Network Access Control. Based in Berlin the macmon NAC solution is fully engineered in Germany. In 2014 due to ripening market conditions macmon expanded its presence into the European Market, opening up an office in the UK. Interest and demand has been strong with growth of more than 25% year on year.

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