Server and application protection

Managed cloud services provide you with enterprise firewall protection even in the cloud, with protection against attacks for web systems and high availability for web applications.

Server and application protection

Managed cloud services provide you with enterprise firewall protection even in the cloud, with protection against attacks for web systems and high availability for web applications. 




Enterprise firewall protection even in the cloud

  • You expect your applications to have the same security level in the cloud as in your own data centre.
  • Your systems need to be reliably protected against current threats from the internet.

Our solution:

With our managed firewall service, we protect your virtual data centre using a dedicated firewall appliance. This is a next-generation firewall that’s specifically configured to suit your requirements and is optionally available as a high-availability cluster. The firewall offers advanced protection against attacks hidden within permitted network traffic, including application controls and encrypted data traffic monitoring. The extended scope of functions also includes a sophisticated intrusion prevention system and the option of setting up secure VPN connections to your network or other sites. 

Protect web systems against attacks

  • The security of your web systems and applications is a key priority for you, and you want to protect them as best as possible against attacks from the internet. 
  • You want to prevent hackers from being able to exploit potential vulnerabilities and using them to invade your systems, impair their functionality or steal data. 

Our solution:

By using our managed cloud and hosting services, you can expand your application security to include additional security services – individually and as needed. For example, we offer you the option of safeguarding your virtual data centre using a separate firewall appliance that we manage for you. With a next-generation firewall including intrusion prevention, application control and encrypted data traffic monitoring, your applications are given extremely reliable protection against network-based attacks. For maximum security, specifically for web applications, we recommend using a web application firewall, which is installed in your virtual data centre as a virtual appliance and specifically configured for your applications. A web application firewall specialises in identifying web-based attacks and protects against threats that may not be detected by a firewall or an IDS, particularly preventing the possibility of security vulnerabilities in the web server or application being exploited for attacks.

Run web applications with high availability

  • You need your web systems and applications to be available around the clock and easy for users to access.
  • You need a hosting platform that isn’t just protected against local hardware failures or service disruptions resulting from maintenance work, but also ensures that your systems continue running in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Our solution:

The high-availability version of our Enterprise Hosting service allows your applications to be accessed at any time, even if an entire data centre suffers a failure. Our cloud infrastructure is located in several data centres within Germany. The sites work independently of one another and are far away enough from one another to ensure they are not affected by the same disaster at the same time. We host your systems in multiple data centres simultaneously, with modern traffic management systems in place to ensure load balancing between two sites. The data can be exchanged quickly and directly between two data centres using a redundant fibreglass connection. If the systems are no longer available at one site, data traffic is automatically redirected to the available systems at the other site.

How you benefit:

  • High-availability running of your applications in two data centres at the same time 
  • Fast data exchange over a 20 GB direct connection 
  • Traffic management and load distribution across both sites 
  • Virtual data centre with individual security configuration and resources as required at both sites 
  • Alternatively: operation at one site with replication and disaster recovery in a virtual data centre in the second data centre in the event of an emergency 

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