Managed Services and Out-tasking

Liberation from tasks without loss of control.

Managed Services und Out-Tasking

With IT in companies and public authorities becoming more complex all the time, managing and maintaining infrastructures consumes a huge amount of resources. At the same time, IT operations need to run according to the latest standards (e.g. ITIL/ITSM) with full certification (ISO, BSI, etc.). Maintaining all this can sometimes mean that central tasks of the company or authority are neglected. Outsourcing tasks or sub-areas within IT allows companies to focus on their core business. For example, workplace/client management and virtualisation platforms can be provided as independent services within the customer’s IT organisation. One advantage of this is strict control over services, as these are provided ‘in house’.

There is a wide range of IT services that every company or public authority needs, even though they are not part of their core business. These include authentication systems such as Active Directory, emailing, document storage, client management and the rapid provision of virtual servers as a basis for IT processes. But because these IT services are not only relevant, but also crucial for the core business, fully outsourcing them does not always seem like a viable option. This is where ‘managed services’ and ‘out-tasking’ come in, as the services are provided in-house in a delimited and clearly defined form, giving the customer complete control.





        We provide all-round protection for your infrastructure

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        Enhancing security

        In managed services and out-tasking we not only fulfil the customer’s security requirements in full, we also apply our experience of defending against security risks which we have gained from a huge number of projects. In many cases, this enhances security for the customer.

        Get help with everyday tasks without giving up control

        Managed services and out-tasking allow the customer to hand over concrete implementation of ‘partial tasks’ in IT while retaining control over precisely defined specifications. However, services are provided on site or – if requested – on the client’s premises. This ensures a personal touch and prevents IT from becoming ‘faceless’.

        Greater transparency

        Both managed services and out-tasking result in greater transparency of the work carried out and the associated costs. This transparency often paves the way for further steps to optimise costs or increase efficiency elsewhere in IT.

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