Privileged session management

Swiss IT Security Deutschland utilises quick forensics and troubleshooting through privileged session management

Secure administration

Every company uses privileged accounts to maintain its systems. Privileged session management (PSM) encompasses both secure access to these accounts and logging of changes. This makes compliance requirements easy to implement.




Do you have to meet legal requirements, KRITIS requirements, BaFin requirements? Monitoring privileged accounts is usually part of this – and can be achieved using PSM.


Do you have external partners who need to make administrative changes? PSM controls access and automatically logs all changes.


Have changes been made but not documented? With PSM, all changes are automatically traceable.

Privileged session management

IT (security) incidents must be transparent and reconstructible. This takes on particular importance if an account with privileged user rights is involved in these incidents, regardless of whether this is through an insider (internal employee or external service provider) or an external attacker. Moreover, culprits can easily cover their tracks by changing or deleting logs.
One way to get a handle on these problems is to collect reliable data about technical administration sessions. Solutions like PSM supply information about access by privileged accounts (root rights/expanded administrator rights). The ability to easily reconstruct and analyse configuration activities saves a massive amount of time and money in forensic investigations. To avoid infringing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), access to these session logs is precisely determined in advance. The supported four-eyes principle with at least two responsible parties, e.g. a works council member and a member of management, leads to greater acceptance. As part of our Managed Security Service, we manage numerous installation solutions for our customers. Usually, we first determine what you need and then use our experience to fine tune this. In that sense, the products and services described here are only examples of our portfolio. We welcome questions!

One Identity PSM

With One Identity Safeguard for privileged sessions, you can control, monitor and record privileged sessions of administrators, providers at another location, and other high-risk users. The content of the recorded sessions is indexed by event to simplify searches. This also helps with automatic report generation, making it easy to meet your auditing and compliance requirements.

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One Identity
One Identity

One Identity

One Identity, a Quest Software business, helps organisations with identity and access management (IAM) right. With a unique combination of offerings, including a portfolio of identity governance, access management, privileged management and Identity as a Service solutions, organisations can achieve their full potential – unimpeded by security, yet safeguarded against threats.


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