IT security audit

A security audit is a regular auditing procedure of IT security processes

Lasting security with a regular IT security audit

IT security is a running target. It is never 100% achieved and goals, once reached, are quickly undone as a result of external influences. A regular security audit helps you achieve a goal and keep to it through constant improvement and assessment.




A regular audit helps you keep to a target or even improve on it after it has been reached. Without a regular audit, a secure IT situation can quickly become insecure again

PDCA cycle

The Plan Do Check Act cycle, which appears in a wide range of standards, contributes to ongoing improvement. A regular audit is the basis for this cycle.

Boost IT security

The security audit helps you reach and keep to an IT security target

IT security audit

The security audit examines individual aspects of IT security in depth and uses checklists to collect data.

Reviews existing security processes for their level of fulfilment

Increases the maturity level of a process model (e.g. according to ITIL) and assists with regular improvements

Identifies system loopholes that conceal risks

The experts at Swiss IT Security Deutschland take the following steps

  • Assess existing processes and their current results using a target/actual comparison
  • Consult additional documents that may impact the security situation
  • Interview those in charge of processes and outcomes
  • Survey of other communication partners in the company
  • Set out the results in an audit report
  • Present and discuss the results
Audit report The audit report sets out aspects of security that have been audited, potential security risks and targets, and measures for mitigation or elimination of risks and prioritisation.
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