Change of name

Pallas and Dunkel join Swiss IT Security Deutschland
Pallas GmbH and Dunkel GmbH will merge into Swiss IT Security Deutschland GmbH in 09th of June 2022. By integrating both companies and presenting a united front as Swiss IT Security Deutschland in the future, we are emphasising our mutual alignment as leading service providers in the IT security sector. With our extensive services and over 120 motivated specialists, we are your point of contact for planning, implementing and operating integrated solutions and services in the area of digital transformation, productivity, security, compliance and governance, on-premises and in the cloud. We offer you management consulting specialising in digital transformation and our comprehensive service portfolio in the areas of cloud storage, managed security services, outsourcing & hosting, virtual data centres, secure email and S3 storage from a single source. The managing directors of Swiss IT Security Deutschland are Ralf Wecke, Ralf Christ and Stephan Sachweh. All contacts and project partners are at your service as before. Swiss IT Security Deutschland GmbH is a company of the Swiss IT Security Group, a rapidly growing group of European companies in the field of integrated IT security solutions. As a leading group of companies with 14 subsidiaries, it pools its partners’ expertise to offer customers a comprehensive portfolio of services in the IT security sector. With over 600 employees in five European countries, the Swiss IT Security Group is one of the largest IT security providers in Europe.


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